• Hearing Problem

Hearing Problem

Based on Audiological Evaluation, Hearing problem is diagnosed as

Sensory Neural Hearing Loss

A condition of degeneration of Sensory Neural cells in the cochlear – the inner ear organ.


  • Attack of measles etc
  • As side effect of otto – Toxin medicine
  • Effect of diabetics
  • Exposure to constant sound atmosphere for prolonged hours,like person who handles heavy machinery, motor, engine, turbine etc
  • Accident and Trauma,like sudden attack of high decibel sound like blast, cracker sound in very close proximity
  • Slap / collision or intense impact over the ear checking the flow of blood to Sensory Neural cells in the cochlear / The auditory nerve
  • Congenital causes – deprivation of oxygen in constrained birth condition etc
  • Remedy : No medical remedy
  • Hearing solution : Hearing Aid fitting..

Conductive Hearing loss

A condition of middle ear pathology. Middle ear consist of 3 bone structure Malleas, Incus and Stapes called oscicular chain – The part which conduct the sound signal to the Inner ear. Damage or disorder affects / disturb the smooth conduction of sound to the cochlea – The inner ear organ. Thereby affecting hearing of a person.


  • Hereditary and congenital disorder, Tumor and other space occupying lesion, an Infection, Head Injury or Trauma.


  • Ear blocks, ear discharge, pain, Headache, giddiness, Hearing problem etc
  • Remedy : Medically Treatable – by Medicine or surgical procedure
  • Hearing solution : Surgery / Hearing Aid fitting

Mixed Hearing

A condition with both the component of Sensori Neural Hearing loss and conductive Hearing Loss

  • Remedy : Medical Treatment / Procedure helps to cure / manage the symptoms and may also facilitate the hearing aid solution
  • Hearing solution : Hearing Aid fitting
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