Next Generation Hearing Aids

Waterproof & Dustproof

No more Troubled water enjoy rain, swim, water sports etc.,


environment sensing – intelligent Automatically changes the setting according to the situation – Automatic programs

3D – Surround sound

NATURAL – Real world dimension Dual mic. Hearing Aid. -(distinguishes speech from the background)

Wi-fi & Hi-fy – Wireless

Enjoy – music – Tv – phone calls – handsfree. Bluetooth enabled – Lifestyle Hearing Aids.

Change the program – Adjust the volume Increase the clarity – reduce the noise and background disturbance, Remote control Hearing Aids.

frequency compression

compress the high frequency sounds towards the medium Frequency sound and help the person who has no hearing for high frequency sound to Hear the same.

Ringing sound in the ear?

Tinitus Masking Hearing Aid Mask and subdue the annoying and sickening ringing sound in the ear – Be relieved

Hearing Test


Hearing Test

Simple & versatile

Hearing Aid for different hearing Problem, different Age, different Budget and different lifestyle

Robust and sturdy

Easy to operate and handle – for old age and children


Sleek BTE’S for young

More Power

Super Power BTE – for Profound Hearing loss 100 dB +

frequency compression

For total hearing loss for some sound

Bi – cross

For total hearing loss at one ear

Dual mic

3d surrounds sound

Natural Real world dimension

Different Budget

Low Price Analogue BTE

Budget Price Trimmer BTE

Affordable Computerized BTE

customized amplification for each different sound according to the hearing loss

Value for money Advance Entry level BTE

Advanced features @ affordable price

Hearing Test


Hearing Test

Virtually Invisible Hearing Aid

Totally concealed — Your Near & Dear can’t notice —

Invisible hearing Aid for severe loss

Micro size Macro Power – Upto 100dB @ affordable price

Invisible Hearing Aid for children

for small canal size – esp. children age group 15 – 20

Lifestyle Hearing Aid

Wireless – Bluetooth technology, Operate by Remote control, listen music, mobile, TV – hands free

Waterproof & Dustproof, No more Troubled water, enjoy rain, swim, water sports

More Feature

frequency compression

For total hearing loss of some sound

Bi – cross (intercommunicating)

for total hearing loss at one ear

Open fitting Hearing solution

For slopping loss : Better hearing at low frequency and poor Feel like hearing by your own ear Hearing at high frequency.( People with slopping loss will have discrimination problem (Able to hear the sound but could not Understand).

Advantage RIC

It has both the attribute of dual microphone and all the wireless feature of BTE and sound output in close proximity to the ear drum of CIC by deep placed Receiver (speaker)of RIC. Gives natural sound quality.

Invisible hearing solution for severe hearing loss, invisible hearing solution for small canal size., hi-fy and wi – fy features, water proof and dust proof, better battery life, affordable price,


Invisible hearing solution at economic price –

Economic cic from 10,000/-

Power cic 85 dB – at affordable price

With advance features – 2 different programs for different situation – by toggle switch

Invisible hearing solution for severe to profound loss

High power cic 95 dB / super Power cic 105 dB

With optional accessory remote control – adjust vol. and program.

Thanks to the technology advancement it is now possible to fit the cic even to severe to profound hearing loss. Otherwise it would not be possible for anyone With more than 65 dB loss to go for cic.

generally referred as invisible model

No extra fitting accessory connecting the instrument , a More comfort – fit it and forget it model.

For it placement inside the canal it can be benefitted by The function of the ear lobe. Ear lobe collects and convey all the surrounding sound. Canal shape shell and the Sound output close to the ear drum gives natural sound resonance

Hearing Test
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