Micro Hearing Aids is also Authorized dealer for Brands

Started by 2005 at Chennai, Micro Hearing Aids is now entering into the 10th year of service by this September ‘ 2014, it has branches at Coimbatore and Madurai with attached testing facilities. It is in the spree of expansion and poised for Higher growth.

Micro Hearing Aids is an Authorized dealer of Siemens (Germany) – one of the top 100 brands in the world and also stand as No.1 brand for Hearing Instruments, (Siemens introduced hearing instrument to the world, way back 110 yrs. before, they pioneered the field).

Micro Hearing Aids is also Authorized dealer for Brands

  • Unitron – Canada.
  • ReSound – Denmark
  • Intertone – Denmark
  • Oticon – Denmark

Micro Hearing Aids – a centre for Hearing solution

Well organized

Attached Testing facility Well trained experienced staff – with indepth knowledge and exposure Professionalized service – Ethical approach, personal care Standard set up.

Through the years Micro Hearing Aids has won a name and place for itself in the market as an advanced and invisible micro hearing device dispenser specialist as well as for the approach that it always maintain it to be ethical and professional. We are organized to provide professionalized service we follow the procedure and systemized the regime to give the very best service to our customer.

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